About Us

About Us

Welcome to CBDaily.LLC – a manufacturer, retailer, and wholesale company specializing in all-natural industrial hemp-based products, also proudly promoting, and providing cannabis education. Over time, we’ve noticed good folks like you visit this page in an attempt to answer one very simple and direct question.

And that question is…


Our sincere and emphatic answer to you, is yes.

Since Day 1, the CBDaily.LLC team has maintained a direct focus on the products we represent from ‘seed to bottle’. A sizeable portion of our revenue goes directly to lab work to adhere to high standards and ensure our customers get what they pay for.

The hemp we use is ;

  • is a ‘tried & true’ American hemp grown in Portland Oregon.  100% USDA and Organic Certified Hemp. The brand proudly paying customer-by-customer dues since early 2014 after the passage of the 2013 Farm Bill.
  • LLC, provide safe legal access to American-grown Industrial Hemp compounds for both individual customers and businesses (white-label options).

keeps them within the legal bounds of the U.S. Farm Bill of 2014 (changing quickly due to the 2018 Farm Bill and federal legalization of hemp farming!).

Beyond that, our small crew has been involved with industrial hemp since 2012 – a fast-growing infant industry just beginning to sprout roots and return after close to a century of government prohibition.

CBDaily.LLC is a small – 10 to 15 employee – American industrial hemp company out of Illinois. One of our primary goals is to grow to a point we can become an employee-owned operation. The company was founded and for the last seven years grown through the hard impassioned work of one strong woman – along with the team, she’s assembled to help him Mark

Here she is in Colorado Springs in 2015 visiting with an innovative lab/hemp farming operation to learn, get close to the plants, and sample some absolutely pure hemp concentrates directly from the beaker.

There’s only one thing we care about more than industrial hemp and the impacts endocannabinoid system science is having on our world/country…and that’s family.

Which is where the CBDaily.LLC story begins.