CBD Serving Size for Anxiety

When it comes to the use of CBD for a particular physiological or psychological problem, one inevitably comes up with the question of serving size. This can also apply to anxiety. The severity of the anxiety will often determine the amount of CBD necessary to ingest. In general, the more significant the anxiety, the larger the serving size.

First of all, yes, you can find the ideal individual serving size. But to be able to answer the question properly, a few things need to be taken into account. In the following article, we will help you find your ideal serving size of CBD for anxiety. But we need your help. So read on and learn what you need to know.

The Quality of the CBD Product is the Main Factor for the Serving Size

No matter why you use CBD, if the quality of the CBD product is bad, that is, if it does not contain the specified amount of CBD or does not contain CBD at all, then no serving size intentions will help.

Impurities in the CBD product due to harmful byproducts should also be avoided as they are not only harmful to the human organism but also make optimum serving size difficult.

So make sure to use a high-quality CBD product. Insist on an analysis certificate of the product. Also pay close attention to the CBD content of the product, which is expressed either in percent (%) or milligram (MG).

The Serving Size of CBD in Anxiety Depends on Individual Factors

When discussing serving size, some individual factors play a role, which leads to the fact that there is no appropriate serving size that applies to everyone. Weight, sex, age, metabolism, disease history and the body’s endocannabinoid profile play a major role.

So it is simply not possible to give a precise serving size for CBD regarding anxiety. Maybe one day it will be easier to get the opportunity to get a serving size schedule through a Hemp Doctor analysis but we are not there yet.

It’s not that difficult to find your own individual serving size but there are trial and error involved. The good thing is, you can not go wrong with CBD, especially when it comes to dangerous side effects. CBD has no dangerous side effects. Therefore, it can also be used for experimenting without damaging the health.

Start Slowly to Find an Optimal Serving Size Basis for Anxiety

A gradual serving size starting with a small serving is ideal to find your individual CBD serving size base. Because there are always reports from CBD users who have achieved good results and improved health with a small amount of CBD (MG), it is good to start with the smallest serving size.

The smallest serving size should be 2-5 mg CBD per serving size 3 times a day.

Maintain this serving size for one week. After this week, if necessary, increase the serving size to 4-10 mg CBD per serving size three times a day.

There are reports where people need a 20 mg CBD serving size or more to be effective against their anxiety, but some people have used too much CBD and thus have not improved their anxiety conditions. In some cases, it felt even worse subjectively.

After reducing the amount of CBD, it was able to counteract anxiety.

It is, therefore, not advisable to use a large amount of CBD right at the beginning, as anxiety conditions require a precise evaluation in order to be effective.

Basic Guidance for the Serving Size of CBD

The following table gives a general indication of the serving size of CBD. The information provided is based on weight and the condition range (mild to severe) of intended treatment.

However, this information is only a rough guide. There are individuals who use CBD for a certain clinical picture successfully at much higher serving sizes. In addition, anxiety conditions have generally been treated successfully with smaller serving sizes as well.

Different CBD Application Methods are to be Considered

Since you can take CBD in different forms, this must also be taken into account when discussing serving size.

The bioavailability, how long it takes for CBD to take effect and how long the effect lasts, also depends on the type of CBD product you are using. The bioavailability describes how much of the CBD the body can actually put into action.

The most common CBD products are:

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures or CBD oils are CBD diluted with an MCT oil and are generally offered in dropper bottles. The amount of CBD included depends on the degree of dilution.

The amount of CBD is given either in (MG) or in percent with respect to the entire content. For example, 3% CBD tincture in a 10 ml bottle, which would include an equivalent 300 mg of CBD. The information can also be given MG’s.

CBD tinctures are the most popular form to take CBD. The bioavailability of CBD in this form is good and the absorption rate is high.

CBD Vape-Oil

CBD vape oils are also very popular, especially among younger people. The uptake of CBD by this application method is the fastest and the bioavailability is also good.

The duration of the effect, however, is lower than with the other methods of taking CBD.

However, some users swear by this method to quickly and accurately get CBD into the body and achieve the desired effect.

CBD Capsules – Pills

CBD in capsules is also very popular because they can be served accurately in this form. However, the effect occurs much later than in the other methods, since the capsule must first be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

However, the effect of CBD in this form lasts the longest. The bioavailability of CBD taken orally (not sublingually) is generally lower because of other factors such as empty or full stomach (intestine).

Therefore, CBD capsules are generally sold in higher serving sizes of CBD per capsule.

This method is not ideal for the serving size of CBD in anxiety because the bioavailability is lower and it takes longer to take effect and longer to be absorbed by the body.

Final Remarks on the Serving Size of CBD in Anxiety

Finding the right serving size for anxiety may seem a bit confusing and time-consuming at first, but it’s not that bad, especially when it comes to your well-being. The time and money you invest will definitely be worth it.

Look for a good CBD product or make your own CBD to play it safe. You can find guides on our website or buy our recommended CBD products. Do as in this article and do not be afraid to experiment.

Many people have better control of many of their health problems with CBD or have even been cured of it. We also speak from experience. Stay strong, healthy, purposeful and patient.

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