CBD Effect

In this article, we are going to accurately describe the pure CBD effects and the intense scientific research that’s going on around the world. But we will do so in simple language so that everyone understands why CBD is so important for human physiology. In order to comprehend the significance of CBD to our health, we first have to ask the simple questions. What exactly is our health? Is it just the absence of disease? If you don’t have symptoms, you must be healthy, right? Well, it’s actually far more important and a deeper question than just that.

How does human physiology work and how is it designed? In general, every aspect of human physiology is based on the balance between polar opposites, between the yin and the yang. This creates homeostasis.

The Immune System

When we look at specific parts of our physiology like the immune system, the yin and the yang, the opposites would be anti­-inflammation and inflammation — the negative and the positive. When those two things are in balance, your immune system is functioning properly.

The Nervous System

If we’re talking about our nervous system, then we’re talking about the forces of excitation and the forces of inhibition or relaxation.

The Endocrine System or Hormone System

When we’re talking about our endocrine system or our hormone system, we have the forces of breaking down tissue or the catabolic hormones, and we have the anabolic hormones which build up tissue. When those two forces are in balance, we have homeostasis of our endocrine our hormone system.

Oxidation and Antioxidants

If we’re talking about oxidation, we have forces of antioxidant and forces of oxidation. Most people think that you have to just take buckets full of antioxidants all the time as if oxidation is bad.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you didn’t have oxidation and the forces of oxidation in your body, you couldn’t survive even one minute. Those two things have to be in balance; they have to be in homeostasis.

All of our physiological systems have to be in this constant state of homeostasis — a dynamic balance. The stronger your physiology’s ability to stay in homeostasis is, the more robust your capacity to be in homeostasis is, and the healthier you are.

What Exactly is Dynamic Balance – Homeostasis?

This is kind of difficult to understand. And the best way to understand is through a model of a mobile. We’re looking at a mobile you’ve probably played with when you were a kid. Perhaps you even have some of these in your home right now.

We have all of these horizontal elements, with little strings hanging down from them and we have these stars hanging at the bottom. In this particular model, the stars represent signaling molecules.

If this is a model of your neurology, the stars that are hanging would be the neurotransmitters. If this was a mobile of your endocrine system, your hormone system, then the hanging stars would be hormones.

And if this was your immune system, the hanging stars would be cytokines or lymphokines, these are the signaling molecules that make your immune system work.

Everything is connected – changing one affects the other.

What makes us a dynamic balance is, as you know, if you change anything in this mobile it affects everything in this mobile. Let’s say for example, that the star down here at the bottom that’s now big and swollen and red gets weighed down — as if you took a paper clip or some weight and attached it to the mobile hanging in your home.

That Star is Going to Pull Down and Everything in the Mobile is Going to Shift. You Can’t Change Any One Element Without Affecting Every Element and a Mobile.

What’s interesting, however, is that initially, the mobile is going to go through these oscillations, where things are bouncing up and down and shifting up and down until the oscillations slowly quiet and the mobile finds a new point of homeostasis.

A New Point of Balance

But our physiologies are so smart that they will find a new point of balance. During this shifting and oscillation is when you feel sick and have symptoms. But our body and our physiology will compensate and the new balance will be found.

Best of all, you can continue to function.

How Modern Medicine & Pharmaceutical Drugs Interacts with this System

Let’s say you have another one of these stars, another one of these elements that goes a little bit haywire. This star over here on the next image.


So you’re feeling lousy, and you go to the doctor, and the doctor does some kind of test and decides, okay, we need to give you a drug. And so you take a drug, some kind of pharmaceutical drug, to deal with this one element (red star in the image) that’s now gone somewhat haywire.

The drug is designed to clamp down on those symptoms.

Notice, that the drug is designed to deal with exactly that one star, not the entire system with a mobile, but that one star and the symptoms that it’s creating.

However, we know that pharmaceutical drugs have many unintended side­ effects. And so, because of the drug you’re taking now, another star goes haywire and you have more symptoms and now you have to take a drug to counteract the symptoms on their first drug.


And so you clamp down on that star as well. And then a third one goes haywire. So you clamp down on that one as well. And let’s say now, you seem to be stable, you seem to be functioning and everything is copacetic.

Well is it really?

After the Treatment of the System with Pharmaceutical Drugs

Everything seems to be stable because the mobile isn’t shifting anymore. But let’s take a closer look at your system. This is what’s actually happening. You now have all sorts of artificial weights at the hatch to your physiology to your mobile.

You can see that your physiology is under a lot of stress.

The weight of all these different drugs and these overstressed stars is pulling down heavily on this mobile and you can see that some of those bars are now bent because they’re under so much tension.

One more little thing going wrong with your physiology — perhaps it’s something as simple as a cold or a little virus, or some kind of drug interaction that you didn’t anticipate and now something breaks.

This system is under so much tension and stress that the oscillations would be huge and you might find yourself in the ICU.

In a nutshell, pharmaceutical drugs work at the level of the symptoms, not the system. Not surprisingly, this causes enormous strain on your human physiology.

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